Gun Violence & Physicians

Gun Violence and Physicians: What you need to know was developed after the shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs. The goal is for participants to walk away from the class understanding the large-scale extent of the problem, the mental impact on both the patient and the physician, how to evaluate the risk of a patient, what happens when a bullet hits the body, and how you can appropriately use your voice as a physician. We understand that this is an issue that garners strong opinions, and our intent is to avoid wading into the political debate regarding firearms. Rather, we want to educate future healthcare professionals about a public health concern that students will encounter during their medical careers.

To receive elective credit, students must attend 5 of 7 sessions.

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All sessions are scheduled from 12:00-1:00 pm in the rooms listed below.

Schedule for Fall 2019
Date Title Speaker Room
Sep 30 The Gun Violence Emergency: A Discussion on Gun Violence and Emergency Medicine Hilary Fairbrother, MD MSB 1.006
Oct 4 A Brief History of Legislation and Gun Violence Dru Stevenson, JD 1.006
Oct 23 Gun Violence Assessment: Recognizing Red Flags Gregory Hestla, MD B.500
Nov 4 Aspects of the Aggressor: Mental Health Stigma and the Shooter Gregory Hestla, MD 1.006
Nov 8 Counseling Your Patients on Safe Storage Sandra McKay, MD 2.006
TBD What Happens When a Bullet Hits a Body: Recognizing and Treating Gun Wounds TBD TBD
Dec 6 The Aftermath: The Importance of Empathy as a Physician Daniel Epner, MD 2.006