Sacred Sites of Houston

This extracurricular course exposes students to various religions of Houston and greater Harris County and their associated prayer environments, religious leaders in the community, and congregation members. By visiting places of worship and interacting with faith members, we will address the topics of faith, its impacts on health, and even health’s impact on faith.

Course objectives:

  1. Expose students to the teachings and both physical and emotional environments of diverse places of worship.
  2. Present an intersection of faith, spirituality, health, and disease in the context of several major religions in Houston.
  3. Engage students in reflective thinking of their role in acknowledging and addressing a patient’s religion and spirituality.

To receive course credit, students must do the following:

  • Attend 5 of the 6 site visits,
  • Complete a pre- and post-elective survey, and
  • Write a short reflection piece at the end of the course.

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Questions may be directed to Pahul Hanjra.