Meet the Brewsters Reality TV

UTHealth created The Brewsters to summarize the essential lessons in ethics that students in the health professions need. In the book, we identified three groups of topics with many different important issues in each of these.

  • Act One is Professionalism, that includes questions of character, virtues, and how one carries oneself and deals with one’s job;
  • Act Two is Clinical Ethics, which has more to do with the one-to-one relationship between a clinician and patient; and
  • Act Three is Research Ethics, having to do with trying to discover new knowledge and the process to get IRB approval because there have been major ethical violations by researchers.

We created the book The Brewsters and assigned it to students in all six UTHealth professional schools—dentistry, medicine, nursing, bioinformatics, public health, and biomedical sciences. It has been extremely well received. In fact, most students say they loved it, and it is important to us that students enjoy it and think it is fun. We have also heard from students who say that they have never seen so many realistic scenarios about their career before. Some students with professional experience have said, “That’s exactly what happens in real life and I can’t believe how well you captured it.”

So what we’re offering now on YouTube is a series of videos by the actual professional at UTHealth—the people who are doing the jobs that The Brewsters portrays in a fictional way. These are real people with real job titles who deal with these problems in every day life.

We recorded interviews with people who are important, powerful administrators in clinical ethics, research ethics, and professionalism.

You don’t have to have read the book; you can learn a lot just from hearing what these people have to say. These are the people you have to deal with it you go to any health science center in the US or Canada.

If you read The Brewsters, some of these people discuss the book and some of the scenarios, and you’ll see how it works out in real life.