Harvey Lab

Harvey Barrett, Ph.D.

Barrett Harvey, Ph.D.

Technological achievements in antibody engineering have made antibody drug development one of the fastest growing areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Successful design of antibody based therapeutics or diagnostics requires both the ability to optimize the antibody and a clear understanding of the biology of the target antigen. To this end, our laboratory has two main focuses:

  1. To identify and build a functional understanding of novel molecular targets, often utilizing custom antibodies as powerful tools to expedite the research, and
  2. To develop high throughput strategies and engineering methods to modify the affinity, specificity, epitope site recognition and Fc function of antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic, and basic research use.

Utilizing molecular imaging techniques, antibody agent development can be monitored using in vivo models to predict efficacy, specificity and for target validation prior to the clinic. This line of research allows our laboratory to venture into a number of diverse biological fields, with ongoing projects currently focused in oncology and infectious disease.