UTHealth Secure Share

UTH Secure Share is a file storage application that allows users to access their files and folders from their desktop, browser or mobile device. It is replacing the existing XFiles application, which will be retired on May 31, 2014. 

More About UTH Secure Share

In addition, UTH Secure Share facilitates collaboration by sharing files with folders with others internal or external to UTHealth, with an additional benefit of security. Data shared within UTH Secure Share meets the unique needs that UTHealth has for sensitive data storage while enabling collaboration.

There are 3 ways to access UTH Secure Share:

  1. Logging in via a Web Browser, using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera;
  2. Via your desktop using your computer’s file directory window; and
  3. Via a mobile device using the soon-to-be-released UTH Secure Share mobile device app.

UTH Secure Share will give you a 2nd “home directory” drive on your computer that will sync your files with the “My Files” area of the UTH Secure Share website online. By default, these files will be visible only to you, but you can choose to share them with others as desired.

UTH Secure Share vs UTH Share

There are two new options, UTH Share and UTH Secure Share that you can consider as possible replacements – and you may need to use both depending on your requirements.

UTH Share¬†[ Login | More Info¬†| Obtain Account ] is UTHealth‚Äôs implementation of Google Apps Education. HIPAA information is allowed on UTH Share only through an enabling process.¬†It provides a variety of sophisticated, interacting services and emerging ‚Äúintelligent personal assistant‚ÄĚ capabilities.

Individuals can use UTH Share to simultaneously work together in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. using multiple desktop and mobile devices. .Extensive hypertext linking can be established to integrate both internal and external content and facilitate knowledge mapping and information discovery. Content can also be easily converted into various digital formats. Global interactions are readily established among individuals having ‚ÄúTrusted‚ÄĚ Google Identity credentials.

Secure Share  [ Login ] can store all data classifications including HIPAA. It is a useful tool for sharing files and folders when security is the primary concern. It does not have, however, the extensive collaborative services and information management functions that are available in UTH Share. To share files with UTH Secure Share, you will need to copy these files to your O: drive.

How To Migrate Files From XFiles to UTH Secure Share or UTH Share

If you need to migrate data from XFiles to either or both UTH Secure Share or UTH Share, follow these step by step instructions.

Last modified: May 03, 2016