Medical School Information Technology

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Medical School Information Technology
6431 Fannin Street, Suite MSB G.520
Houston, TX 77030 USA
Business Office: +1 713 500 5225
UTHealth Password Reset: 713-486-4848

Submit A Help Desk Ticket

HEAT Tickets and MSIT Help Desk Tickets are not the same thing.

Submit a Help Desk Ticket When…

… you are requesting assistance with a computer belonging to the UT Medical School or UT Physicians, wherever it may be physically located.

NOTE: Do not send telephone service related requests to this ticket system.

Submit An MSIT Help Desk Ticket

Submit a HEAT Ticket When…

… you are requesting service or support pertaining to telephone systems, IDX, AHS or GE related support or training, or other HEAT ticket topics such as risk management issues, network drop orders, or other items not directly related to your computer.

NOTE: The HEAT ticket page is accessible ONLY via Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later. It will not work with other browsers.

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