UTH Share – Enabling PHI Access

This page will provide instructions on how a current UTHealth employee can enable their UTH Share account to allow PHI data to be stored on it.


To store PHI data on such an account, the following items are required:

  1. A valid, active UTHealth network account. Contact your department LAN Manager for assistance if you don’t currently have a network account.
  2. A valid, active UTH Share account. If you do not currently have an active UTH Share account, go to the UTH Share Sign Up Page to open a UTH Share account. Once this account is set up, you will have a non-PHI enabled UTH Share account, and can now go to to the Procedure section that follows.


NOTE: Users who initiate this procedure but do not complete it within 14 days will have their UTH Share account disabled. To re-enable it, contact your LAN Manager.

  1. Sign in to the UTH Share password change web page.
  2. Fill out the sign in form.
  3. When prompted, indicate that you want to enable PHI access by clicking on the “Agree PHI Data” checkbox (1), then clicking the NEXT button (2).
    Enabling PHI Access - Screenshot 01
    Note that when you enable PHI access, you will no longer have access to the following services:

    • Sharing documents publicly on the web with your UTH Share account;
    • YouTube (note: you can still use YouTube in a private account or via another browser);
    • Google Hangouts;
    • Google Groups;
    • Blogger;
    • The Chrome web store;
    • Add-ons; and
    • Google+.
  4. Next, you will arrive at a screen that signifies that you have completed acknowledgement to set up the PHI account. Click LOGOUT (1) if you are done setting up the account for now, or click “Continue on Google Password Change” (2) to set your Google password.
    UTH Share PHI Acknowledgement Form Completion
  5. If you have just created a new account, you must then return to the agreement screen to enable the PHI access, after accepting the agreement you will be brought to the following screen(s).
  6. Next, you will get an email indicating that you must attest that you understand that by enabling PHI for UTH Share, they change their access to some of the services offered, and in addition you must enable two-factor authentication. An email will be sent to you that will contain instructions on how to register for two-factor authentication, and then you will be brought back to an attestation page to verify that two factor authentication has been enabled on your account. Step 1 (1) will provide a link where you can enable two-factor authentication for UTH Share. Step 2 (2) will allow you to complete the PHI Attestation Form. Follow the instructions in the email, an example of which is provided here:Email Regarding UTH-Share PHI Access Election
  7. After attesting that you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will need to complete the PHI Attestation Form. Click YES or NO (1) to indicate whether or not you agree to accept the terms shown onscreen to enable PHI access on your UTH Share account, then click the CONFIRM button (2) to complete the form.
    PHI Attestation Form
  8. You will get the below screen and you account will be enabled for PHI access.
    PHI Attestation Form Confirmation

The procedure has been completed. You are now set up with a UTH Share account that is enabled for PHI access.