We are focused on inter-disciplinary research combining NanoMedicine, Biomedical Engineering and computational sciences to develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic platforms for combating diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases. In partnership with UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, a number of major initiatives are being brought together in the South Campus CABIR research building, including a new multi-institutional NCI Center on NanoMedicine and a GE, UTHealth and UTMDACC partnership to create a new, state-of-the-art imaging center. Dr. David Gorenstein serves as Chair of NBME.


A NanoMedicine and Biomedical Engineering Scholarly Concentration is designed to offer the student the opportunity to learn emerging new technologies in biomedical nanotechnology and engineering. A series of cross-appointments with faculty in other departments, divisions, and units and adjunct appointments with faculty in other collaborating institutions through The Alliance for NanoHealth and other Texas Medical Center institutions are utilized to enhance multidisciplinary research and expand the available opportunities for the training and teaching of students.

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Injectable NanoVectors for Directed (Targeted/personalized) Therapeutics
  • Novel targeted Imaging Technologies
  • Early Detection of Disease from Blood Proteomic Signatures