Night Float and Calls

Our night float system is designed to give residents full autonomy practicing all fields of inpatient neurology while having the support of an additional resident, stroke fellow, and attending. Residents are never alone during the night, and first-year residents will also have a “buddy” fourth-year resident supporting and guiding them on how to work efficiently and safely on nights. We really care about resident wellness even during our nights, so we have incorporated a 4-on, 2-off schedule during the night float blocks to assure everyone is always adequately rested. Our night shifts are 5 PM – 7 AM, we never do 24-hour calls.

Weekend calls are 7 am-5 pm with 2 residents on at all times. They are divided between the PGY1-PGY3 residents on outpatient services. There will still be a “buddy” PGY-4 resident with all PGY-1 residents.