Kim Lab Profile & Members

Gab Seok Kim PhD – Assistant Professor

Education & Training
PhD Seoul National University – Seoul, South Korea

Areas of Interest
Clinical interests: ischemic stroke
Research interests: reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, secondary thalamic injury, signal transduction after brain injury, crosstalk between cells in brains, angiogenesis and drug discovery.

Research & Experience
Dr. Kim has been interested in the role of reactive oxygen species after ischemia reperfusion in stroke and signal transduction in cerebrovascular diseases.
His current research project focuses on understanding of the molecular and cellular changes such as inflammation and new vessel formation in thalamus induced by primary cortical infarction. To address this question, He utilizes in-vivo animal stroke models with various knockout, transgenic and reporter mice and in-vitro primary cell model system.

Zachary Wise – Research Assistant I

Education & Training
BS Psychology with minor in Neuroscience, Texas A&M University – College Station, TX (2022)

Areas of Interest
Clinical interests:  Neurodegenerative diseases and ischemic stroke
Research interests:  
Post-stroke neuroinflammation, immunology of neurodegeneration, and bioinformatics

Research & Experience
Anderson Learning and Attention Lab, Texas A&M University – College Station, TX (2021-2022) 
Research Assistant, BRAINS Lab – Department of Neurology, UTHealth – Houston, TX (Oct. 2022-present)

Hobbies & Interests
Traveling, fishing, guitar, and art