Class of 2016
Class of 2016

The Medical School Class of 2016 is fundraising for the International Charity Smile Train.

Each year the incoming class raises funds for an international organization of choice. In the past, funds have been raised for a secondary school in Mgaraganza, water wells in Guatemala, and much more.

Just shy of two months into medical school, we have already learned of numerous anomalies and disorders, which change the way we see our world.  We had recently learned about cleft lips and palates in our Developmental Anatomy course. The images of children were shocking and unbelievable. We had learned that this deformity affects proper speech, eating, and hearing. But most detrimental is the abuse and ostracizing, which leads to children’s failing to thrive in school and society. In some countries, children are considered cursed and taunted by others to the point where they stop attending school.

Every year, more than 170,000 children are born with cleft lip and/or palate and cannot afford surgery, which costs $250 and takes only 45 minutes. A couple of our classmates thought, “What can we as a class do about this common and treatable birth defect?”

And as doctors in training, we find it essential to not only impact the lives of others locally but also to reach out and make a difference globally. The value in understanding human biology gives us a set of personal and professional attitudes, which enables us to take responsible action in our lifelong performance as a physician.

Each surgery costs $250. Our goal is to fund 100 surgeries for 100 children by April 30, 2013. Together we will raise $25,000!

Please visit the website to donate now to support our cause! ALL donations are tax-deductible, and we keep track of all donations. If your donation is online, a tax receipt will be emailed you. In-person checks, credit cards, and cash will be turned into to the MS1 Service Senator, Stephanie Annor, and a tax receipt will be mailed to you. We will be hosting event fundraisers throughout the year, tracking our fundraising goal, and sharing some life-changing stories. Check our website frequently to see our progress and spread the word!

“We can change the lives of children. It all starts with a smile.”

-Stephanie Y, Annor, MS1 Service Senator