conference logoOn a daily basis, over 90 different languages are spoken in Houston, which recently eclipsed New York and Los Angles as the most diverse city in America.  Given its cultural and linguistic diversity, Houston is the perfect location for the 2013 Inaugural Bilingual Research Conference, hosted by the Children’s Learning Institute at UTHealth.

The 2013 Inaugural Bilingual Research Conference will bring together academics from around the continent to share and discuss the latest research concerning the development and education of bilingual children. Distinguished researchers will discuss the how bilingual learners develop literacy and language skills as well as current techniques for assessment, interventions, instruction, and policy development related to bilingual learners.

The conference will be held May 16 -17 at the Medical School’s Brown Foundation Institute for Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases.

Keynote addresses will be given by Dr. Diane August, a senior research scientist at the Center for Applied Linguistics and Dr. Mariel Paez, associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education/Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction at Boston College.  Dr. Jason Anthony, associate professor at the Children’s Learning Institute will host the conference and provide closing remarks.

“The topics of bilingual education and bilingual language and literacy development are studied by researchers from many disciplines who use a variety of methodologies and who don’t have a cohesive means of communicating or disseminating their findings,” Anthony said.  “So, I’m very excited to bring the country’s best researchers together here at the CLI. This Bilingual Research Conference will provide a much needed forum for scholars from around the country and scholars at the CLI to share our work aimed at improving the education and lives of English language learners. I expect the conference will help establish new connections, strengthen existing partnerships, and spur collaborative efforts that will shape bilingual research of the future.”

More than 150 distinguished researchers are expected to attend, present, and share ideas at this event.

“The Children’s Learning Institute is honored to play a key role in supporting this critical, yet still emerging, field of research.  We have prided ourselves for many years on providing educational supports, interventions, and research in bilingual formats, so we welcome every opportunity to support bilingual research and innovation,” said Dr. Susan Landry, director and founder of the Children’s Learning Institute.

More information on the 2013 Inaugural Bilingual Conference can be found on the website.