Construction has begun on new office space on the first floor of the Medical School Building.

Construction has begun on new office space on the first floor of the Medical School Building.

Just when you think the Medical School Building is as complete and as full of occupants as it can be, new construction has begun to create more office space.

Construction is now underway in the blue section on the first and ground floors to fill in the “ribbon” that encircles the Medical School Building.

“Real estate in the heart of the TMC is a valuable commodity,” said Rich McDermott, vice president of Facilities, Planning & Engineering.  “There is an outer ribbon of shell space on the first floor of MSB that ought to be developed, rather than let sit idle.”

The shell space was made possible by post-Tropical Storm Allison construction, which extended the ground and first floor walls of the Medical School Building to the outer columns.

“This project is a natural extension of that initiative – to capture the space just above the expanded ground floor space,” McDermott explained.

Three new offices, a total of 389 square feet, will be added to the first floor in this phase, which should be completed by February.

“This is a test project to see how well it goes and how feasible it is to build more offices around the perimeter of the first floor of the MSB,” said Judson Lloyd, UT project manager.

A continuation of this project also will depend on funding from state Tuition Revenue Bonds. The current project is being funded by UTHealth.

Kevin Dillon believed it was worthy of a closer look, so he funded a pilot project to sort out the details of an overall ribbon build out,” McDermott explained.

-Darla Brown, Office of Communications, Medical School

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