textingDo you like to text? Do you need to lose weight?

Texting is the medium for a new clinical weight-loss trial led by Dr. Kevin Hwang, associate professor of internal medicine.

Study participants must be referred by a UT Physicians primary care provider to enroll in the six-month research study. Internists, family practitioners, and OB/GYNs are examples of primary care providers who can refer patients to the study.

The study will randomize patients with a body mass index of 25 to 45 whose weight has plateaued or is increasing into one of two groups – those who receive educational and motivational texts and those who receive educational and motivational texts plus individual coaching through text messages. Participants will attend a study visit at the beginning and at six months.

“This study is designed for patients who see a primary care provider at UT Physicians, or for those considering doing so,” Hwang said, adding that there are no face-to-face, phone, or group visits included as part of this study.

Participants will receive approximately 3-20 texts per week. Texting costs are not included in the study and must be paid for by the participants.

Individuals who are pregnant, have had weight loss surgery, or are currently taking a weight-loss medication are not eligible for the study.

For more information, contact Sandra Stansberry at Sandra.A.Stansberry@uth.tmc.edu or 713.500.6483.

-Darla Brown, Medical School, Office of Communications