AAMCThe AAMC recently announced new resources to help aspiring medical students prepare for the revised MCAT® exam, which is part of a broader effort by the AAMC and the nation’s medical schools to improve the admissions process and support holistic review of applicants.

Because the exam will test new academic competencies, scores will be reported on a different scale than the current exam. The new score scale emphasizes the center of the score range—rather than the top third—because students with scores at the center of the scale have historically performed well in medical school. It is designed to draw attention to applicants who might otherwise be overlooked and supports the holistic review of medical school applicants.

The new resources include a free interactive tool to help students learn about the content on the new exam and the Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam (MCAT2015). To learn more, visit www.aamc/mcat2015.