Joseph WestJoe West, who worked with the UT Police for 28 years, died Nov. 15, 2014.

West, public safety supervisor for UT Police, joined UT Police in September 1986 as a public safety officer. He spent the majority of his years here as a senior public safety officer, training and mentoring the public safety officers on his team. In March 2014, he was promoted to his most recent position as public safety supervisor, requiring experience, skill, knowledge, and an empathetic understanding of patients and their experiences.

In addition to being known for his hard work, amiable disposition, and smile, many of his colleagues spoke of his altruistic manner.

“West recently played a key role in ensuring that a patient in Palliative Care could be present at her daughter’s wedding. The daughter had arranged for the wedding to be in the Butterfly Park at MD Anderson so that her mother could attend,” said William Adcox, chief of UT Police. “West was instrumental in the coordinating of the patient’s attendance and contributed greatly to the success of this event.”

Over the years, West demonstrated his commitment and his immense knowledge, as he taught many of the seasoned public safety officer staff, both in field operations and in the classroom.

“I couldn’t have had a better teacher or better friend than Joe West. He was a great mentor, a wonderful listener and would always provide help whenever asked,” said Bridgett Smith, public safety officer. “He had a very good sense of humor, loved to laugh and was known for his white chocolate mochas. He’d have one every morning, it didn’t matter what building he was in.”

West is survived by his wife, Clarice, and his four children, Daniel, McKinnley, Tiffany, and Joseph West Jr.

“I’ve known Joe since he’s been here and I worked with him very closely over the years,” said Jeffrey McGregor, assistant chief of UT Police. “My heart goes out to his family and to other members in our organization who were also very close to him.”

-MD Anderson