Two-step authentication, a new, more secure login method, will be required to use the UTHealth Virtual Private Network (VPN) and access to Employee Self Service off campus beginning Thursday, Feb. 19.

Enroll your phone or tablet today to ensure you can continue to have access to download your W2, view your paycheck, or submit your timesheet when away from campus, or log into the university system via VPN.

Enroll your device now

You must enroll a cellphone, smartphone, landline, or a tablet with the university login service – and can enroll multiple devices if you wish. Before Feb. 19, you may enroll your device from off campus. After Feb. 19, you must be on campus to enroll your device or seek assistance from the Help Desk.

Enrollment is easy and takes a few minutes. Visit the Two-Factor Authentication intranet page and follow the steps on the “Enrollment” tab.

Sites where two-step login isn’t required

After Feb. 19, you will still be able to log into Employee Self Service without two-step authentication when on campus, including UTHealth School of Public Health regional campuses and UT Physicians clinics, and when connected to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, and Harris Health System networks.

What two-step authentication does

Two-step authentication, also known as two-factor authentication, uses two login credentials to confirm that you’re the authorized user of the account. The process requires you to take two steps: initially entering your password, and then completing the verification via your device such as a phone registered with the university login service.

Two-step authentication, now a UT System directive, is part of UTHealth’s ongoing effort to guard against online attacks and create an additional layer of protection of sensitive information of our university community.

Several options for user verification

If you choose to use a smartphone for two-step authentication, it is recommended that you install an app called Duo Mobile. While Duo Mobile is optional for smartphone users, the app is required for tablets. Other devices without Duo Mobile have the option of receiving a phone call or text for verification.

Enrolling your device involves registering the phone number of your device. Your number serves as your identifier to allow you to complete the second step of your login by calling your enrolled phone with instructions to “approve” or “deny” the login request, or by sending you a one-time passcode by text or the Duo Mobile app which is used to complete the verification.

Test two-step login now

If you have enrolled your device, you can test your two-step login on this test page to see if the device has been enabled for two-step authentication. You’re encouraged to test your two-step login before Feb. 19.

Support and resources

Visit the two-step authentication page for tutorials and other details on:

Enrolling your phone
Using two-step authentication
Devices and methods for using two-step authentication
Applications that support two-step authentication
Managing your device on your own
Frequently asked questions
Questions about the process?

Please contact the Help Desk at 713.486.4848, or your local IT support or LAN manager.

-Zen Zheng, Office of Public Affairs