In an effort to effectively promote the news and activities of your department/office and curtail email overload, please use the following established UTHealth Medical School media:

McGovern Medical School online calendar, which includes options to have your event posted to facebook and twitter:
DNA (daily news access), the TV monitors in the school: (posts here can run for up to 2 weeks)
Scoop, the weekly e-newsletter, (please submit one week before the Thursday publish date you have in mind)
You may also post fliers on designated bulletin boards throughout the Medical School Building. Fliers to be placed in elevators require the approval of Claire Brunson.
In addition, several offices, such as Educational Programs, Alumni Affairs, and Diversity and Inclusion, also have e-newsletters that may want to run your content, if you submit it to them directly. For UTHealth-wide publications and distribution, please contact

Day-of or day-before reminders of school- and university-sponsored events may be broadcast to McGovern Medical School via email. To request this service, please contact

To further standardize our communications efforts, group email lists will be updated over the next few weeks.

Please use one or more of the established media so that we may do our part to end email overload to our faculty and community.