Incoming students gather for a summer send-off.
Incoming students gather for a summer send-off.

This summer, the Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Associations Board of Trustees hosted three receptions for incoming medical students in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

On June 9, 2015, Catherine McNeese, MD ’00, and Cedric DuPont, MD ’01, hosted the Central Texas area students.  Later that week on June 11, Dallas-area students enjoyed a reception held at the home of alumnus Lowell Ku, MD ’97, and his wife Christine. And lastly, on June 25, Houston-area students enjoyed meeting each other and alumni at the home of alumna Vicki Regan, MD ’87, and her husband Tom.

At the receptions, students enjoyed Mexican food and refreshments along with alumni stories about the medical school, as well as getting the soon-to-be first years hyped for the upcoming Retreat and school year.

Derrick Miller, director of alumni relations; Kisha Kohl, admissions administrative coordinator; LaTanya Love, assistant dean for admissions and student affairs/assistant dean for diversity and inclusion; and Mark Chassay, MD ’92, associate dean for alumni relations/assistant dean for admissions and student affairs, attended the receptions to answer questions and provide counsel for the students and alumni.

This is the second year for the Student-Offs in Austin and Houston and the inaugural event for the Dallas area.

-Alumni Relations