The Fundamentals of the History of Contemporary Medicine is a 10-lecture course that is open to any member of the McGovern Medical School.

The objective is to provide a base of historical and philosophical knowledge, which can enhance engagement for medical professionals.

The first lecture of the series will be held Jan. 22 on the topic of “The Evolution Theory: Does it matter to medicine?,” given by Adan Rios, M.D., associate professor of internal medicine and course instructor.

All lectures will be held at noon in MSB B.603 and include:
Jan. 29, Maximilian Buja, M.D., “The history of cardiovascular surgery”
Feb. 5, Eugene Boisaubin, M.D., “The role of the Civil War in the development of contemporary surgery”
Feb. 12, Dr. Rios, “From mold to an antibiotic: The penicillin miracle”
Feb. 19, Dr. Joshua Samuels, M.D.“The history of renal dialysis and transplants”
March 25, Dr. Rios, “The molecules of life: DNA, physics, and the birth of molecular biology”
April 1, Paula Knudson, “The Institutional Review Boards: The genesis of the protection of human subjects from unethical experimentation”
April 8, Dr. Rios, “Building of the Panama Canal”
April 15, Dr. Rios, “The AIDS crisis and the Hippocratic Oath”
April 22, Dr. Rios, “Splendid solution: Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine”