swipe out strokeThere’s an app to stay healthy following stroke?

A clinical trial led by Nneka Ifejika, M.D., M.P.H., associate professor of neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation, is testing the use of a smart phone app to help stroke patients improve their health.

The study, “Swipe out Stroke: Feasibility of Using a Consumer-Based Electronic Application to Improve Compliance with Weight Loss in Obese Minority Stroke Patients” is for African-American or Hispanic patients with acute ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, who are willing to follow a healthy eating pattern and use the smart phone app Lose It!

“Generation X is starting to have risk factors that can cause strokes, so I found an alternative use for an existing weight loss app,” Ifejika said. “I speak to them through the app and monitor their food intake. Medicine evolves and changes daily, and using smartphone technology is the wave of the future. We do everything else with our phones, so why shouldn’t we use them to better patient care?”

The study includes three phases over a six month period: 1. Initiation of diet and lifestyle changes; 2. Application of learned strategies for success; and 3. Maintenance to prevent cerebrovascular disease.