quality fair logoWith quality and safety established priorities at McGovern Medical School, one clinical department is hosting a special event to spotlight these types of projects and collaboration.

The Department of Internal Medicine will host the Edward Randall III Internal Medicine Quality Fair 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., May 2 in the Leather Lounge. The entire McGovern Medical School community is invited to attend to review the highlighted projects.

“We want to showcase the fantastic projects we are doing improving patient care, we want to foster the safety and quality culture in the department, we want to motivate house staff and students to get involved in this type of research, and we hope these projects will be presented in other national venues,” explained Dr. Luis Ostrosky, professor of internal medicine and vice chair for quality for the Department of Internal Medicine.

Quality and safety became a national focus as the result of the Institute of Medicine’s 1999 To Err is Human report. As a result of the alarming statistics of patient injury and death as the result of errors, health care leaders looked to the quality and performance principles found in other industries, such as motor vehicle and airlines, to improve patient safety and outcomes.

The Department of Internal Medicine will showcase a variety of projects aimed at improving patient care and safety and increasing efficiency. “We want to highlight those projects with our clinical partners, Memorial Hermann, Harris Health, and UT Physicians,” Ostrosky added.

The quality fair is being supported by the Edward Randall III Chair in Internal Medicine, which was originally established as a professorship by the university to thank Mr. Randall for his service as chair of the UTHealth Development Board. Mr. Randall is a life member of the UTHealth Development Board.