no guns signSenate Bill 11, commonly known as the “Campus Carry Law,” went into effect on the UTHealth campus Aug. 1, 2016.  The law permits licensed holders to carry a concealed handgun on or about the license holder’s person while the license holder is on the campus of an institution of higher education, subject to certain rules established by the institution’s president.

Rules have been developed to specify certain campus locations as exclusion zones, where concealed handguns are not allowed.

Currently, concealed handguns are completely prohibited in the McGovern Medical School Building and Medical School Expansion Building. The complete list of buildings and policies may be found online.

Concealed handguns are also prohibited in certain other areas of the campus.  Appropriate signage will be put in place as required by law.  Refer to HOOP 222, Concealed Handguns on Campus, and the Campus Carry website and FAQs for additional information.

Questions may be direct to