The Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (CCTS), one of the original 12 centers funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical and Translational Sciences Awards (CTSAs), has helped create a service to streamline multisite clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Xpress (CTX) is the result of the Texas Regional CTSA Consortium (TRCC; which includes the CCTS and the CTSAs in Dallas, San Antonio, and Galveston) and UT System joining forces to create a statewide clinical trials network. In addition to centrally coordinating IRB submissions and creating one pre-approved UT master clinical trial agreement, the CTX creates a unified face to industry and other interested parties who want to leverage the research resources of the UT System.

“CTX allows us to provide a common level of contracting, IRB approval, study analysis, and data entry,” explained CCTS primary investigator Dr. David McPherson, chair of the Department of Internal Medicine and holder of the James T. and Nancy B. Willerson Chair.

The large-scale capabilities of CTX are built for both investigator- and industry-initiated studies, and CTX’s services are available to any interested investigators. CTX has navigators at each of the TRCC institutions across the state, and the main offices are here at UTHealth.

“Several of our investigators are running research through CTX, including Dr. Jon Tyson, who is investigating phototherapy on infants,” McPherson added. “If you have a multicenter clinical trial, CTX will help you with contracting with other institutions, for instance. We use reciprocity – we don’t have to get four IRB approvals for one trial.”

For more information on CTX, please see its website ( ).

The CCTS is available to help all UTHealth researchers. Please see the CCTS website or call 713.500.7900 to see how the CCTS can assist you.