quality logoMcGovern Medical School faculty presented their quality improvement projects during the 2016 Fall Faculty Quality Competition hosted at LBJ Hospital.

The projects came from multiple departments, including labor and delivery, anesthesiology, maxillofacial surgery, and radiology. Each project showed significant cost savings in their respective categories, but, more importantly, found ways to provide improved exemplary clinical care to underserved patients here in Harris County.

Each faculty member expressed that these accomplishments were in no way an individual effort but rather took purposeful collaboration. This collaboration was not only across specialties but also amongst physicians, nursing staff and all level of practitioners.

first place winnersWinners and participants included:
1st Place:         Dr. Mike Liang, assistant professor of surgery
Rehabilitation –Preoperative rehabilitation focused on patients reaching healthier weight goals before surgery resulting in more favorable outcomes.
Results: Current savings of $80,200 over just 25 patients.

second place winners2nd Place:        Dr. Glorimar Medina-Rivera, assistant professor of anesthesia and medical director of the Ambulatory Surgery Center
ASC IV Acetaminophen Reduction Initiative – Focused on reducing the costly IV acetaminophen use while simultaneously ensuring no decrease in patient care.
Results: Current savings of $89,250 and no increase in PACU stay.

  1. Johnson, CRNA; D. Nguyen, Pharm D; S. Perry, MD

third place winners3rd Place:         Dr. Susanna Spence, assistant professor of diagnostic and interventional imaging
Decreasing Bottlenecks Through Radiology – Focused on finding methodologies to decrease wait times in order to meet time requirements.
Results: With one specific intervention, there was a decrease in median wait time by 43.92 minutes per case.

  1. Sharma, MD; J. Hasapes, MD; D. Robinson, MD; A. Vierling, PhD

Dr. Joe Hasapes, assistant professor of diagnostic and interventional imaging and chief of radiology at LBJ Hospital
Improving Patient Satisfaction by Time Savings Scanner Integrated Protocols
Results: Effective wait time reduction was 3.95 days per month

Dr. Peter Doyle, associate professor of anesthesiology, chief of anesthesiology at LBJ Hospital, and assistant dean of Harris County programs
Anesthesia Inhalation Agent Low Flow Project: “Go Low”
Results: $18,242.59 in savings over the initial six months.

Dr. Cristina Wallace Huff, assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science
Immediate Postpartum LARC at LBJ
Results: 35% of the patients left LBJ with postpartum LARC with an 89% stating they were satisfied with LARC and the results.

Dr. Issa Hanna, assistant professor and chief of oral and maxillofacial surgery at LBJ Hospital
The Ever-Growing OMFS Clinic Waitlist: Reduction Strategies
Results: Revision of OMFS referral guidelines has resulting in a trend of decreased patients on the waitlist.

Dr. Omonele Nwokolo, assistant professor of anesthesiology and assistant operating room director at LBJ Hospital
Vascular Surgery Optimization
Results: While more data is needed, by optimizing the scheduling of ESRD patients by coordinating hemodialysis the day before surgery, there has been a decrease in canceled procedures.