lone starThe Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery will host Lone Star Rhinology and Rhinoplasty Nov. 3-6 at Marriott Houston Medical Center and the UTHealth Clinical Skills Lab.

Course directors for the Nov. 3-4 rhinology course are Drs. Martin Citardi, Amber Luong and William Yao. Guests of honor are Drs. Pete Batra and Ralph Metson. The rhinology courses includes a day-and-a-half of lectures and a half-day dissection lab, including a comprehensive medical education program dedicated to the study of issues in nasal and sinus disorders.

Course directors for the Nov. 5-6 rhinoplasty course is Dr. Russell Kridel, with guests of honor Drs. Ira Papel and Jonathan Sykes. The rhinoplasty courses will consist of a day-and-a-half of lectures, a half-day dissection lab, and a course on contemporary principles of functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Continuing medical education is available. For more information and registration, please see the website.