The Leather Lounge will be home to a new tribute to John P. McGovern, M.D. and Kathrine G. McGovern in the coming months, with a new installation recognizing the John P. McGovern Foundation’s transformational $75 million gift to UTHealth and its medical school in 2015.

Those who have walked through the Leather Lounge lately might have already guessed the new installation will be placed on the north side of the lobby where dry wall has gone up. The tribute will be a colorful and dynamic display that will honor the McGoverns’ steadfast generosity as well as reflect how their tremendous legacy will transform McGovern Medical School.

In particular, the wall will highlight Dr. John P. McGovern’s impact at the Texas Medical Center, UTHealth and beyond. As a pediatrician, allergist, immunologist and educator, he established the McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, created the Texas Allergy Research Foundation and the John P. McGovern Foundation and co-founded the American Osler Society.

“The new installation will serve as a great focal point,” Kimberly Karol, director of Stewardship and Development Communications, said. “We want the wall to inspire the McGovern Medical School community with a great sense of pride by highlighting the remarkable contributions that students, alumni, faculty, and staff make every day to distinguish McGovern Medical School as leader in education, research and patient care.”

As the McGovern Medical School continues to grow and evolve, officials will look for ways to showcase that transformation through other features of the wall, Karol said.

“However, the McGoverns and their service, commitment, and compassion will always be at the center so we can remember the past while looking ahead to the future,” she said.