After extensive modernization and repairs, the elevators at the Medical School Building are now fully operational.

Brady Smyth, senior project manager with Facilities, Planning and Engineering, said work finished earlier this month. Beyond receiving mechanical upgrades in the form of new motors and cables, users will likely notice the new buttons, the hall displays above each of the 10 elevators to indicate which floor it’s on, and a voice that also announces its floor. The repairs were made possibly by Tuition Revenue Bonds from the last session of the Texas Legislature.

The elevators also have been installed with LiftNet monitoring software, enabling staff to see issues and better respond to them while also improving proactive measures to prevent outages.

“It allows us to see the elevators actually performing in real time,” Smyth said. “We have started doing a lot more monthly maintenance on the elevators and if there are any outages required, notifications will be sent out.”

Most of the time, planned outages typically last for about an hour before being put back in service to help cut down on unplanned downtime. The project had been making steady progress, but repairs saw a slight delay due to Hurricane Harvey in late August.

Smyth said staff members are looking to finish similar work in the TMC Library and are currently aiming to complete it around August this year.