Kelly and Wylie Masterson have the distinction of being the Class of 2022’s only identical twins enrolled at the same time. Both said they enjoy the collaborative atmosphere at McGovern Medical School and particularly enjoyed the annual student retreat.

It would seem like attending medical school was written in the DNA of sisters Kelly and Wylie Masterson.

The two Houston-area natives joined the Class of 2022 this year, attending McGovern Medical School alongside 238 other students from diverse backgrounds. The Mastersons, however, have the distinction of being identical twins enrolled in the same school as part of the same class.

The pair said they were excited to be attending McGovern Medical School and were going in “with an open mind” regarding which specialty they might want to tackle, and said orthopedic surgery could be a program of interest. The choice to go into medical school, and even, perhaps, surgery, can be traced back to their childhood.

Despite no family history in medicine, the two had been drawn to medicine since their early childhood and would even make casts for each other out of duct tape. Their grandfather’s tendency to watch television programs focused on operating rooms was also a bit of an inspiration, they said.

“You think parents might worry about kids cutting open their stuffed animals,” Kelly said with a laugh.

“I remember in kindergarten, we had to make a poster of what we wanted to be when we grew up and put our face on it, and mine was a picture of me taking off someone’s cast,” Wylie said.

Even during their gymnastics classes growing up, Kelly and Wylie always had at least three or four sets of first aid kits with supplies like ACE bandages.

“If anybody ever got hurt, our coach would say ‘Wylie and Kelly – go get your ACE bandages’,” Kelly said.

The pair said they initially hadn’t planned on choosing the same school, but said they were both attracted to the same things about McGovern Medical School and enjoyed the warm reception at orientation and the annual student retreat.

“We interviewed at a lot of places and this stood out the most, by far,” Kelly said. “This was one of the schools where we left feeling excited. Everyone made it clear that the faculty are very accessible. Everything here is very team-based, and it doesn’t feel competitive in a sense that you are against your peers.”

Attending the same school hasn’t necessarily been a break from the norm for the two sisters who have been close their whole lives, and if anything being enrolled together means Kelly and Wylie can keep each other motivated throughout their studies. The two are independent, but having that extra person to lean on during study sessions makes a big difference, Wylie said.

“Regardless of whether or not we decided to go to the same school together, having someone going through the same kind of challenges together really helps,” Wylie said.

Kelly and Wylie say the choice to attend McGovern was the right one and can’t wait for the exciting years to come

“This place has exceeded all expectations,” Kelly said.