Photos by Dwight C. Andrews/Office of Communications

Dr. Gerard Francisco, chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and chief medical officer of TIRR Memorial Hermann (TIRR) celebrates The TIRR Rehabilitation Innovation Grant Awards that support innovative rehabilitation research and TIRR’s research mission.

Elizabeth “Libby” Anderl, PT, DPT; Dr. Sunil Kothari; Dr. Sheng Li; and Katherin O’Brien, PhD receive Funded Staff Grant Award for Verticalization with Vestibular Stimulation for Patients with Severe Disorders of Consciousness: A Novel Application of a Robotic Exoskeleton.

Clayci Allen, EP-C; Tiffany Carlson, MS; Peggy Turner, CTRS; and Zahra Kadivar PT, PhD, NCS receive Funded Staff Grant Award for “The Effect of a Physical Activity and Recreational Training Neuro exercise Recovery (Partner) Program on Quality of Life of Individuals with Neurological Conditions.”

Xiaoyan Li, PhD; Sheng Li, PhD, MD; Liu Yang; and Kathryn Nedley receive Funded Pilot Grant Award for “Development of a Novel Motor Unit Number Estimation Technique Base on High-Density Surface EMG and CMAP Scan.”

Dr. Argyrios Stampas, a two-time grant winner, is the featured speaker presenting his outcomes from his grants.