Associate professor and director of the Department of Educational Development Peggy Hsieh, Med, PhD, is the recipient of the AAMC’s Outstanding Presentation Award for Graduate Medical Education.

“I am grateful for the recognition I have received for my work,” Hsieh said. “In a way, it is an affirmation that using interactive teaching strategies can make learning fun and effective. I’m excited to connect with other enthusiastic educators to brainstorm innovative teaching ideas to invigorate our students.”

The Southern Group on Educational Affairs Conference of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) gives the Outstanding Presentation Award to one conference presenter whose topic is innovative and encourages active learning and uses creative teaching methods.

Hsieh gave her presentation on “What’s With the Lack of Motivation?,” highlighting several theories that are popular in educational psychology but are seldom brought into medical education. During the presentation, Hsieh talked about theories and their applications to better understand learners and increase their motivation.

Hsieh and the Office of Educational Programs hold monthly Educational Development Workshops to change the dynamic in the classroom at McGovern Medical School. All faculty are encouraged to attend each session, held on the second Friday of each month.

“Educators in the Office of Educational Programs can help other educators at McGovern Medical School to engage learners,” Hsieh said. “We offer workshops on request and peer coaching as a way to reflect on teaching practices and to discuss ways to revive your teaching sessions.”