The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) has named Joy Cornthwaite, RD, as the 2019 Texas Diabetes Educator of the Year. Cornthwaite, a certified diabetes educator at the UT Physicians Women’s Center, receives the award Friday, Aug. 9 at the AADE19 Conference in Houston.

“I am humbled that my own team and now my AADE network have chosen to remember the things I have done well these years,” Cornthwaite said. “I see how completely the individuals on my teams have committed themselves to providing care that will positively impact the lives of others – including me. I am honored to lend my hand, as they do theirs, to achieve more together as we strive to change lives for the millions of people affected by diabetes.”

Cornthwaite has worked to promote and develop programs to impact positive outcomes for patients with acute and chronic diseases. Her work includes the development and presentation of programs in adult obesity, childhood obesity, and diabetes self-management.

She was a core member of the inaugural group of Canyon Ranch Institute’s Savannah Life Enhancement Program, which provided an integrative wellness program focusing on empowering participants to embrace healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes through health education and knowledge.

“This award does not celebrate the success of one person alone – it never could,” Cornthwaite said. “It is an acknowledgement of positive efforts and a call to do more together. Without one another, the success would not be possible. The work I do is more effective with, and because of, my teams at UTHealth and UT Physicians, Cities Changing Diabetes and the AADE. My friends, and most importantly my family, support me personally so that I can prosper professionally.”

The AADE is a network and organizational home for more than 14,000 professional members who work together, and across disciplines, toward the innovative development of education, management, and support and resources, to optimize caring for any person who is living with, is affected by, or who may be at risk for diabetes.