Exercise and other activities aren't the only ways to avoid burnout - the OASA offers plenty of resources for residents to take advantage of. Feeling burnt out? OASA is here to help

Resident burnout and stress can be detrimental, and even dangerous, to patients, students, residents themselves, and others on campus at McGovern Medical School. That’s why school officials are taking continued steps to support residents’ and fellows’ mental, physical and emotional needs by bolstering existing programs and services.

Class of 2017 meets its match

More than 200 soon-to-be-doctors at McGovern Medical School opened white envelopes at the exact same time Friday, March 17, to discover where they will spend the next crucial step in their medical careers.

Cadavers honored through memorial led by medical students

After the completion of the gross anatomy course where first-year medical students dissect a human cadaver, the students hold a memorial service to honor these bodies.