The Maternal Care Program at the Fetal Center

Here at the Maternal Care Program, the mother’s health is our top priority. Our program is an integral component of The Fetal Center, offering comprehensive, streamlined prenatal care to patients whose high-risk pregnancies are affected with congenital anomalies or genetic abnormalities.

Our team is committed to supporting each patient and their families through the complexities of their pregnancies journey, from initial evaluation through the postpartum period. From the moment an abnormal finding is found on ultrasound or genetic testing, the dynamic of the pregnancy can change. Whether she undergoes heroic procedures of in utero fetal surgery, spends her pregnancy preparing for postnatal newborn treatments, requires frequent and intense fetal surveillance, or experiences the tragedy of pregnancy loss, our focus is on the mother – medically, physically, and emotionally.

Comprehensive prenatal care includes the following:

  • Transfer of care to the Maternal Care Program is established when it is recommended by the fetal interventionalists and discussed with your referring doctors. At that time, you will receive prenatal care exclusively within the Fetal Center.
  • We will carefully review her medical, surgical and prior pregnancy history to identify any medical conditions that need special attention.
  • All prenatal appointments occur at the same time as the ultrasounds or pediatric consultations.
  • Any required laboratory tests or physical examinations are performed within our office located in the Fetal Center.
  • If any maternal complaints or symptoms arise, it is addressed immediately.
  • All medication prescriptions, breast pumps, and documents for medical leave or work are taken care of by our team.
  • Assessments for symptoms of preterm labor, preeclampsia, and diabetes are performed in our office, rather than the hospital when possible for the convenience of our patients.
  • Many of our pregnancies are presented at the Fetal Center’s weekly multi-disciplinary meeting to coordinate deliveries. Once the birth plan is established, our Maternal Care Program works with the patients to execute the recommendations.
  • All patients are screened for depression and anxiety and treated within our care in the Fetal Center.
  • Postpartum, we see patients at 1-2 weeks and six weeks following delivery, and longer if necessary.
  • Our clinical team will follow your baby during the newborn period with regular visits to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  • After six weeks postpartum, you will be transferred back to the care of your primary obstetrician. A letter will be sent to your primary physicians that summarizes your pregnancy, delivery, and baby’s hospital course.
  • The Maternal Care Program Office number is 713-486-6532. After hours and weekends, please call 832-325-7288 to speak with the Fetal Center physician on call.