UTHealth Women’s Research Program- Memorial City

UTHealth Women’s Research Program – Memorial City

UTHealth Women’s Research Program is a research study site, led by Dr. Sandra Hurtado. Dr Hurtado is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, with over 25 years of combined research and women’s health care experience. She leads the team as the Principal Investigator within the clinical trials.

The purpose of a clinical trial is to collect data from a large group of people, with the goal of finding a new treatment option to a certain disease or health concern. Clinical trials differ from “regular” treatment options, in that “regular” treatment options are considered standard of care, and are established by a physician in an individualized manner responding to specific concerns. Alternative options to clinical trials include opting for standard of care treatments, such as visiting with your primary care provider or specialist to receive a non-investigative treatment plan.

On-Going Clinical Trials at UTHealth Women’s Research Program – Memorial City

Each clinical trial has differing eligibility criteria for participation, therefore if you are interested in participating, please call us at (713) 486-6640 to further discuss the studies and eligibility criteria.

COVID-19 Vaccine Study for Pregnant Women

COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. One critical step in fighting this pandemic is learning about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine for all expectant mothers and their babies. Expectant moms who make the important and personal decision to volunteer for this study will help us answer this question. By choosing to volunteer, you will represent expectant moms like you—in age, race, ethnicity, and from communities like yours. You can help make a difference for other expectant moms and babies.

This study involves comparing an investigational (study) vaccine against a placebo (injection with no active ingredient).  Participants who are given the placebo will have the opportunity to receive the study vaccine shortly after giving birth. Your participation in the study will last about 7-10 months.

If you are interested in participating and are planning to deliver at Memorial Hermann – Memorial City, please contact our research site (713) 486-6640 to learn more about the study.

MATISSE RSV Vaccine Trial

The MATISSE maternal vaccine study is working to understand if a potential vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) could activate a mother’s immune system to create antibodies, or protective defenses, against RSV.  These antibodies would then be passed on to their developing baby.

The MATISSE study will help us understand if this maternal vaccine is safe and could help protect infants from RSV following birth.

Elaris EM-COC Trial

The Elaris EM-COC study is evaluating the effectiveness of Elagolix on endometriosis pain when taken together with a daily birth control pill.