What should I expect at my office visit?

When you arrive for your consultation with Dr. Alexander, you will be greeted by our friendly desk staff. Once some basic paperwork is completed, you will be escorted into the patient care area where our nursing staff will measure your blood pressure and other vital statistics. You will then be seated in an individual examination room.

Dr. Alexander will then greet you personally and ask you questions about your voice problem as well as your general health and habits. She will them perform a thorough examination of your ears, nose, and throat. Finally, since the voice cannot be examined from the outside, she will then perform an endoscopy to examine your voice.

We can perform this endoscopy with cameras that are inserted either through the mouth or nose to give a view of the inside of the throat. Don’t worry — you will be given numbing medicine if you need it to minimize the discomfort from these procedures. You will be asked to perform various vocal tasks while the camera is in place so that we can thoroughly examine your larynx.

Dr. Alexander will then review the video of your examination with you and explain any important findings relevant to your complaint. A treatment plan will be outlined and any medications recommended will be explained to you. This is a good time to ask any questions that may have formed in your mind. She may ask you to consult with other professionals at our center — such as Speech Pathologists, Neurologists, or Gastroenterologists — if it is needed to optimize your care.

We take pride in providing you with Professional care that fits your needs, and our highest priority is having you return to your daily routine in the best vocal health possible.