What is a Professional Voice User?

When most people think of Professional Voice Users, one thing comes to mind — a Broadway star or touring musical act. At the Texas Voice Performance Institute, we have a broader definition of the term.

Singers and actors certainly have a special set of demands placed on them. The need to project as well as the endurance required to complete the tasks of these professions far exceed what most of us ever face. Often they will need to perform despite laryngeal injuries and need precise techniques when surgery is required. You can trust your voice to Dr. Alexander’s trained hands and be confident that we can work with your unique situation to restore you to better vocal health.

Then there are those of you who depend on your voice more than you realize but have never been trained on how to produce and protect it. This group includes teachers (at all educational levels), lawyers, sales professionals, and stay-at-home parents. If your job function depends on a clear and articulate voice, you are a kind of Professional Voice User and you, too, deserve the special care you need.

Your voice is your signature, and we want to help you keep it recognizable.