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Step Throat

A sore throat or pharyngitis is a common symptom of viral and bacterials infections. The infection will affect the lining of the throat and also commonly cause the tonsils as well as the neck lymph nodes to swell. Strep throat refers to a severe sore throat that is caused by Group A Streptococcus and can be accompanied by fever and enlarged lymph nodes.

In adults with recurring sore throat (recurrent pharyngitis), removing the tonsils can often decrease the incidence and severity of infections. Recurring tonsillitis and pharyngitis is a very common indication for tonsillectomy and is very successful in reducing the severity of subsequent sore throats.

Make sure to consult an Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) for any sore throat that does not resolve over two weeks or if your sore throat is associated with inability to swallow or difficulty breathing.