Biomechanics Laboratory

Biomechanics Laboratory

The Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory performs both experimental and computational research. Current research focuses on fracture healing, cartilage healing, fracture fixation techniques, joint kinematics, bone strength in health and disease states (microgravity and osteoporosis), bone remodeling, and trabecular bone structure. Experimental protocols involve mechanical testing of bone, bone mineral density measurements (both ultrasound and DXA), kinematic measurements, animal model development, orthopedic biomaterials, and bone histomorphometry. Computational protocols involve bone remodeling algorithms, finite element modeling, kinematic data acquisition and analysis, graphic image analysis, and statistical analysis.

Available Equipment Capabilities

MTS 810 servohydraulic testing machine
Load cells/displacement sensors
Peristaltic pumps
Flow probes
Data acquisition system
Sun UltraSparc workstation
Silicon Graphics workstation
Sun SparcStation workstation
Dissecting microscope
Lumisys X-ray digitizer
Machine shop
Dyonics Arthroscopy equipment Cadaveric studies
Live animal studies
Materials testing
Finite element modeling
Mechanical testing
Kinematic analysis
Bone remodeling simulation
Bone circulation studies
Ultrasound attenuation measurements
Arthroscopic experiments
Machining/jig manufacturing

For more information, please contact:

Catherine G. Ambrose, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Research
Department of Orthopedic Surgery

6431 Fannin, Room 6.154
Houston, Texas 77030

713-500-7007 phone
713-500-5590 fax