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Program testimonials from two current residents:

Wei Wang, MD

PGY-1 Resident

How did you come to decide to pursue Pathology as a career?

I used to be a hematologist back in China. I know how important precise diagnoses from hematopathologists mean to clinical physicians. To be a qualified pathologist is a huge challenge, reading tons of references, always willing to study more, and working diligently. I think pathology is so cool.

Which sub-specialty are you planning to specialize?

Hematopathology is my favorite.

What drew you to UT Houston for your training?

There are several reasons that I choose UTH for my training. First, our program is known for strong CP training and focusing on residency training. Almost all pathology programs are very good at AP, but not all of them are good at CP training. We have very famous professors/physicians in hematopathology, blood bank and microbiology. This provides us a good opportunity to study CP. We also have a 2-month boot camp for new residents. Not many programs would spend energy and time for the new resident training, so the program has built an introductory course to ease residents into pathology from the start. Also, residents here have great access to MD Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist Hospital for their elective training rotations. This is very helpful for fellowship applications. In addition, our program provides excellent study resources. Expertpath is available freely to each resident, as well as many hard copy reference textbooks are also available. Finally, UTH has a friendly working atmosphere. Our program is friendly to both AMG and IMG. The culture of our program is diverse. Being an IMG, I feel comfortable and happy being a [part of this program. Also, the TMC is one of the best medical centers in the world, and training here means more opportunities for studying and working with works class pathologists and clinicians.

Is there anything that surprised you about Houston?

Houston is a lovely city. The low living cost is a big benefit for residents.


Shaimaa Elzamly, MD

PGY-2 Resident

How did you come to decide to pursue Pathology as a career?

Pathology is a fundamental part of medicine that studies the disease from all different aspects to include understanding the pathogenesis, morphology, molecular testing, prognostic factors, and predictive factors in order to guide patient care. It is challenging and never boring. Pathology offers a broad scope of practice with many sub-specialties. It also has a good work-life balance.

Which sub-specialty are you planning to specialize?

I am interested in Surgical pathology with special interest in GI pathology.

What drew you to UT Houston for your training?

UT is a big program with outstanding faculty and lots of opportunities in clinical work, research, and teaching. Being a big program, residents are exposed to a wide variety of cases including complex cases. Residents get the chance to rotate in a community hospital which is a different experience from the academic setting. Being part of the Texas Medical Center is an advantage where we get the chance to work closely and rotate for electives with other major academic centers, have city wide conferences and share expertise with other big institutes. The residents in this program have the opportunity to match in the fellowship they choose. The working environment is comfortable and it feels like family. I also love the city. I never regretted that I choose the UT Houston pathology program.

Is there anything that surprised you about Houston?

As a mom for 3 kids, I had to consider the city which I will be spending my next 4 years of my life as an important parameter to choose my residency program. I had to put in consideration the safety, schools, and housing prices. I was able to have a good place to live, in a safe neighborhood, with good schools and short driving distance in Houston. I also like the idea of having an international airport in the city.


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