Grant Proposal Internal Review

Grant Proposal Internal Review
The goal of this program is to help the faculty member optimize the narrative “Research Design” portion of grant applications, in addition to the Review and Approval of the budget and other administrative aspects.  Experience has shown that submission of flawed applications is detrimental to the success of subsequent proposals submitted by the same investigator.  Therefore, it is important that each application submitted is refined as much as possible prior to submission.  It is particularly important for faculty members without prior major funding (e.g. NIH, NSF, or CPRIT grants) to take advantage of this review process.

Word files of the proposal should be submitted to Laura Newell by email or by saving the file(s) in the Pathology/DPALM Internal Review System folder.  Be sure to inform Laura of the submission.

Grant Proposal Review Process – the Texas Two-Step

Step 1 – Submit the Specific Aims for review at least 6 weeks prior to the grant deadline.
Step 2 – Submit a draft of the Research Design Section for review at least 4 weeks prior to the grant deadline.
Specific Aims will be assigned and reviewed within 3 working days of submission, and the Research Design Section within 7 days  of submission.  Reviewers may be suggested.
As with the manuscript reviews, the proposal comments may be provided as a marked-up copy of the Word file, a separate comment page, or both.
Current NIH grant awards within DPALM can be viewed by visiting’s funding reports.

For further information or assistance regarding this program, please contact:

Steven J. Norris, Ph.D., Vice Chair for Research; or
Laura Newell, Administrative Assistant
Colin Butler, Grants & Contracts Specialist