Publications Internal Review

The publication of findings is essential to furthering scientific understanding and advancing human knowledge.  As academicians, scientific writing is a skill that develops continuously throughout our careers.  The DPALM Internal Review System permits faculty to submit manuscripts and receive constructive feedback prior to submitting manuscripts for publication.  The reviewers are selected from experienced faculty within the field of research, and the author(s) can request certain reviewers.

Manuscript Review Process

  • Submit the manuscript draft in Word format (with figures and tables) by email to Laura Newell, Manuscript Review Coordinator.  If you wish, you can suggest reviewers.  For early input, a title page and abstract may be submitted.
  • The manuscript will be assigned to 1-2 reviewers.
  • Reviewers will return comments as a marked-up Word file, a separate page of review comments, or both.  The goal is to have comments returned to the author(s) within one week of the assignment.

Directions for DPALM Internal Review System

Past publications can be viewed by visiting our department’s SciVal profile.

For further information or assistance regarding this program, please contact: