Borrelia Molecular Genetics

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Coordinated by Steve Norris

vlsE variants

  • Reference: Coutte, L., D. J. Botkin, L. Gao, and S. J. Norris. 2009.  Detailed analysis of sequence changes occurring during  vlsE antigenic variation in the mouse model of Borrelia burgdorferi infection.  PLoS Pathogens 5: e1000293.  Link
  • vlsE variant clone list

Borrelia burgdorferi Signature Tagged Mutagenesis (STM) transposon mutant library

  • Reference: Lin, T., L. Gao, C. Zhang, E. A. Odeh, M. B. Jacobs, G. Chaconas, M. T. Philipp, and S. J. Norris.  2012.  Analysis of an ordered, comprehensive STM library in infectious Borrelia burgdorferi: insights into the gene requirements for mouse infectivity.  PLoS One 7(10): e47532. Link
  • The characteristics of the STM mutant clones and infectivity results are provided in Spreadsheet S1 and Spreadsheet S2 , respectively, in the Supporting Information of the Lin et al. article.
  • Updated information regarding the library will be provided on this website.  No updates are currently available.
  • Please contact Tao Lin ( or Steve Norris ( if you have any questions regarding this clone set.

Address Book, Spirochete List Server, and Other Information

  • Spirochete Interest Group Address Book (last updated 11 June, 2019)
    Members of the spirochete research community
  • Spirochete List Server
    An easy way to broadcast email messages to the spirochete research community; simply send an email to (This resource is only available to individuals listed in the Address Book above)
  • International Leptospirosis Society