Lab Use/Contracting


If you are interested in real-time experimentation, fluorescent imaging, probe localization, or image reconstruction, then this facility is for you. Contact the Director or Supervisor and make an appointment to visit the center.

Tour the laboratory and discuss your requirements and desires, and decide if the methodology you need is in the Fluorescence Imaging Center.

The choice is now yours, either you would like the center personnel to scan, tabulate and print your data and images for you (more expensive), or yourself and your laboratory personnel can reserve time for a tutorial on the piece of equipment you wish to use. After this one time fee, you do the work and pay only for the time.

Once you are a user, you will be given user privileges, your file on the work stations and network access to your images. The rest is up to you, simply fill in the time use wish to use the machine on the calendar outside Mr. Poindexter’s office (2.434), then show up and do your imaging. At the conclusion of your stint, fill in the charge sheet, put it in the tray, and off you go.

What happens to your data? The center has capabilities for giving you your data in any, or all, of the following formats:- on CD, on Zip disc, on Jaz disc, as slides, or as prints. We recommend that you purchase your own CD’s, Zip disc, or Jaz disc, although you can buy them through the Imaging Center. More information can be gleaned from the list of charges.