Isoproterenol-treated adult rat cardiomyocyte – Fluo 4 calcium probe

Real-time topographical map of isoproterenol-treated neonatal cardiomyocyte – Fluo 3

Phase contrast – cultured adult cardiomyocyte during hypoxia

Cultured adult cardiomyocyte – gamma IFN-treated

Adult cardiomyocyte – phase contrast – calcium tolerant

Cultured adult cardiomyocyte – nuclear waves and cytoplasmic sparking – Fluo 4

Cultured adult (dedifferentiated) cardiomyocyte – CGRP-treated

Pacemaker cell(s) in cultured neonatal cardiomyocytes

Calcium fluxes in hypoxic neonatal cardiomyocytes

Catecholamine-treated differentiating cardiomyocyte-calcium transients with FLUO3

Phase contrast of a catecholamine-treated differentiating cardiomyocyte

Calcium transients in cultured glial cells