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Treponema denticola ATCC 35405 Sequence (15 Jan. 2004)

T. pallidum proteome 2D gel

T. pallidum sequences

  • Display T. pallidum DNA sequence gtp4.1.seq (posted 17 July, 1998) 1157017 bytes
  • Gene list with coordinates, Version 4.1 (17 July, 1998)
  • Peptide sequences, Version 4.1 (posted 17 July, 1998) 422727 bytes
  • Open reading frame sequences, Version 4.1 (posted 17 July, 1998) 1141364 bytes
  • Codon frequency table, Version 4.1 (posted 17 July, 1998)
  • Instructions for downloading T. pallidum genome files by ftp
  • About version numbers

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