How to Apply for Observership


Applying for Observership within Pediatrics Critical Care Division


The Pediatrics Critical Care Division is proud to announce that we are now offering observerships for anyone who might be interested in getting a better idea of what Critical Care Medicine is all about.

The observership is offered for one-month rotations within the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). In order to be accepted, you must submit the following to the Senior Administrative Coordinator, Faith Katz.

  • An updated copy of your CV.
  • A brief personal statement, explaining why you are interested in this observership.

(** An observer may not provide clinical care and may not participate in or perform research, data collection or other hands-on activities)

Fee schedule

  • Pediatrics-UTHSC: Critical Care division for the $500.00 (Division fee)
  • Pediatrics -UTHSC for $500 (Department fee)
  • UTHSC-H (International Observer) for $750.00 (International fee-if applicable)
  • You can pay by money order or wire transfer($775 if made by wire transfer for international applicants)

The Observer information below gives you specific detail as to what is needed to complete your application.

Observer info