Residency Training Program

On behalf of the Division of Pediatric critical care medicine; I would like to welcome you to one of the most popular clinical rotations during pediatric residency training program. The pediatric ICU rotation at Children Memorial Hermann Hospital helps lay the fundamentals for critical care training. On this rotation, residents become the most important part of critical care team and exposed to a wide variety of medical and surgical critical illnesses. The residents take ownership of the assigned patients and learn the recognition and preliminary management of overarching critical care patho-physiologic processes such as respiratory failure, shock, and organ dysfunction.

The care of the most severely ill or injured child requires the cooperation of multiple specialties. The goal of the PICU rotation is to expose the Resident to those many disciplines, to gain experience in coordination of the critical care and to have exposure to all elements of the domain of critical care for children. Residents learn to integrate care through multiple practitioners in an interdisciplinary process and often during stressful situations. This month would be busy and often will feel hard due to the stressful situations but rewarding at the end when you will see that the majority of the critically ill children will get better due to the care you provided being the member of the team.

We hope that the time spent in PICU will help you built knowledge, confidence and the skills required to play a major role in taking care of critically ill children as a future pediatrician. The whole PICU staff realizes the importance of your education in critical care and dedicated to making your experience worthwhile. Again, welcome to PICU and please feel free to contact me if there are any questions you may have related to your PICU rotation.