McGovern Medical School

  • Gulf States Hemophilia Center iconPrevention and overall healthy living
  • Early diagnosis and intervention to prevent complications
  • Assessment and treatment by a team of specialists
  • On-call medical personnel available after hours
  • Education and training in self-care and health management
  • Training for home and / or self infusions
  • Psycho-social assessments, individual and family counseling
  • Assistance with health insurance issues
  • Coordination of care with other health providers
  • Education of school nurses and daycare providers as needed
  • Education for medical professionals on management of bleeding’s disorder
  • Access to leading edge research studies
  • Services offered by a Geneticist and Research Nurse (if indicated)

During one comprehensive clinic visit, patients are seen by the nurses, hematologist, physical therapist, dentist, medical social worker and others for an up-to-date assessment.