Block Schedule

Typical Pediatric Resident Schedule

PGY-11Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH7Pedi Oncology Service at M.D. Anderson
2Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH8Medical Genetics/Chronic Care
3Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH9Infectious Disease
4LBJ Community Pediatrics10Neurology
5Well Baby Nursery at CMHH or LBJ11Community Health & Advocacy/ Individualized Curriculum
6Neonatal Intensive Care at LBJ (Level 2/3)12Nephrology
PGY-21Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH7Adolescent Medicine
2Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH or LBJ8Emergency Medicine
3Neonatal Intensive Care at CMHH9Emergency Medicine
4Pedi Oncology Service at M.D. Anderson10Development and Behavior
5Acute Care Outpatient Clinic11Pediatric Intensive Care at CMHH
6Neonatal Intensive Care at LBJ or CMHH12Cardiology or Individualized Curriculum Specialty Month
PGY-31Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH7Night Float at LBJ and CMHH
2Inpatient Pediatric Floor at CMHH8Endocrinology or Individualized Curriculum/Elective
3Pediatric Intensive Care at CMHH9Pulmonary
4Neonatal Intensive Care at LBJ or CMHH10Individualized Curriculum/Elective
5Acute Care and Community Clinic Supervisor11Individualized Curriculum/Elective
6Gastroenterology or Individualized Specialty Month12Individualized Curriculum/Elective